Widely revered for their superior musicianship and talent; YISRAEL offers an impressive approach to music that inspires fans worldwide.  The family band mixes synth sounds with jazz and soul, which fuses into a cool neo-jazz vibe.

Although they have approached a new era of music and creativitiy; YISRAEL has returned to their roots with the band’s core consisting of the father son ensemble of Dr. Lud on bass, Yirmeyahu on Saxophone and Yah’el on piano.

Founders of the Neo Jazz School of Music and  Neo Jazz Collective, the Yisrael Family is notably one of the success stories that continues to impress fans abroad.  They have performed with the likes of Linn Roundtree, Keiko Matsui, Frankie Beverly & Maze, SF Jazz Collective, Herbie Hancock and more.

YISRAEL brought neo-jazz to a new level in New Orleans after making a name for itself in Birmingham.  The New Orleans’ music scene offers a bounty of jazz music, still they are breaking ground with a captivating, upbeat sound that redefines “feel-good music”.

Prime examples and products of the Neo Jazz School of Music, where they were formally trained in multiple genres and styles. Dr. Lud Yisrael, founder of the Neo Jazz School of Music and father, began informally training each of them while they were still in the womb. Throughout their childhood he regularly prescribed jazz and classical music while they slept.  Dr. Lud also a self-taught multi-instrumentalist introduced each to their respective instruments as they expressed interest.

20140525_121932Yirmeyahu grew up seeing his father play music and as early as nine years old he gained a passion for his father’s first love, the saxophone.  Naturally talented, he quickly developed as a saxophonist, drummer and composer.  Yirmeyahu has contributed much to defining the sound of YISRAEL  as a composer as well as assistant musical director. “Celestial”, by Yirmeyahu creates a musical journey in what he describes as “traveling through the heavens”.


Yah’El, was second in line to develop his inherited love for music. Seeing his father play piano, he begin playing it at seven.  Eagar to perform in the band with his father and20140525_121948 brother, Yah’El played his first gig at 8 years old for a Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert.  Yah’El, also classically trained, delivers skillful solos and exhibits effortless proficiency on the piano. As a composer, Yah’El has contributed works that can be described as nu-aged and spirited.

Love for music and the arts is indelibly YISRAEL’S driving force.  Although they have mastered most genres, they would describe what they do as SPIRITUAL MUSIC.  The music comes from deep within their souls, down to their very spirits.  Their best attribute  is their ability to share that spirit through music all while pleasing any crowd young or old.


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